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Model 51200F23 and 51200F23M1


Model 51200F23 and 51200F23M1 Dial-Up Test Sets

The Model 51200F23 and 51200F23M1 Dial-Up Test Sets surpasses all other telephone test systems in overall phone testing speed, efficiency, and accuracy with unique features, such as EXPRESS TEST single-person operation, and voice-prompted (IVR) test menu. These units are central office mounted telephone test systems that enable fast, unassisted dial-up testing of coin telephones, standard phones, and telephone lines.

The field technician can choose from 3 different levels of testing complexity: 1) The EXPRESS TEST provides complete automatic sequential testing of all major telephone functions in under 48 seconds;  2) Individual tests can be selected with clear voice PASS/FAIL test results; or, 3) Individual tests with detailed metric voice responses in specific ohm, milliamp, millisecond, frequency, or level values.  The Dial-Up Test sets can provide 156 different test measurements. 

The System's reliability and operational simplicity has made them industry standards in both the GTE (Verizon) network as well as among the Bell carriers.  The unit verifies and adjusts its test circuits prior to each test call and conducts comprehensive calibrations every 24 hours.  The IVR system simplifies the process by introducing the test menu, and providing prompts to the technician through each test sequence.  Test results are provided in a clear PASS/FAIL voice response and can include detailed measurements.

Key Benefits

Multi-Purpose Testing:
- Coin Tone
- Coin Collect and Refund
- Coin Relay Timing
- Coin Ground Removal
- Line Leakage
Coin Collect and Refund
- Coin Relay Timing
- Coin Ground Removal
- Line Leakage
- DTMF and Rotary Dial Tests
- Ringer
- Party Line
- Reverse Line
- Foreign Line Voltage
- Milli-Watt
- Quite Line
- Longitutudinal Noise
- Three Tone Frequency Response
- Ten Tone Frequency Response
- Automated Ten Tone Frequency Response

Direct-dial access to individual tests

IVR reports menu selection and
test results

Single-person testing eliminates the need
for additional test personnel.

Centralized testing eliminates the need for
large inventories of individual testing equipment.

Self diagnostics assure proper system operation.

User-adjustable test parameters

Local and remote programming

Works in all major types of C.O.'s

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Typical Applications

51200-S Test Applications

Telephone, Line and Coin Functions

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Model 51200F23 and 51200F23M1 Specifications

    • Operating Voltage: -44 to -56 VDC
    • Operating Current: 0.5 Amp
    • Rack Mounting: 19", 23", or 27"
    • Loop Seizure Range: 0 to 4000 Ohms
    • Test Loop Length: 0 to 1900 Ohms
    • Idle Test Battery Resistance: 500 Ohms
    • Fuse: 1.0 Amps, 3 AG
    • Operating Temperature:  0 to 50C  
    • Storage Temperature:  -20 to 85C  
    • Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-Condensing)
    • Dimen: 16.5" W x 3.5" H
      x 11.5" (30.48cm) D
    • Wt: 15 lbs (12.70 kg) 


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