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Model The Proctor Telephone Demonstrators allow sales people, trainers and engineers to use telephone voice and data equipment as if it were connected to telephone company or PBX lines. These portable units are easy to use and provide real world simulation of the telephone network. Product Data

This unit allows four telephone devices to be used as if they were connected to the telephone network. Telephone equipment may be demonstrated or tested without the need for telephone company lines. The unit allows two simultaneous FAX/data or voice transmissions at the same time. Provides standard ringing signal, precision dialtone, ringback, busy and error tones. Works with tone and rotary dialing. Microprocessor control allows flexible programming and access to audio input port. More Info

This portable unit allows two telephone devices to be connected without using telephone lines. Uses realistic seven digit dialing. LED's indicate line and ringing status. Provides standard telephone ringing signal. 110/220 Vac switchable, tone dialing only. More Info

This unit allows four telephone devices to be used as if they were connected to the telephone network and emulates PBX, Centrex and custom calling features. It supports two simultaneous FAX/data or voice connections. There is also a connection for an outside line to provide trunk simulation. Some of the features that can be demonstrated are: Call Transfer, Call Hold, Call Conferencing, Call Waiting, Alternate Answer, Call Forward, Call Pickup, Convenience Dialing, Caller ID and Distinctive Ringing. 110/220 Vac Switchable. More Info


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