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Model These Line Guard® modules provide automatic isolation of telephone devices sharing the same line to prevent data disruption on FAX or modem connections or eavesdropping on voice connections. Product Data
41403Small module with spade connections. Installs in series with both telephone wires to the device to be excluded, providing balanced isolation for maximum data and voice protection. More Info

Small module with unterminated wires. Installs in series with both telephone wires, providing a priority group and an excluded group. The priority group always has access to the line. The excluded group has access only when the priority group is not using the line first. More Info

Small module with a modular RJ-11plug and jack connector for easy installation between the shared line and the telephone or device to be excluded. Same as the 41405 with modular connectors. More Info

Small molded plastic unit with three modular RJ-11 jacks. This device splits the incoming line into two separate extension lines labeled "Port 1" and "Port 2". Whichever extension accesses or answers the line first has exclusive use of the line until they hang-up again. A balanced cutoff on each extension port provides maximum line privacy. More Info


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