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Model 52610 Call Collector

Call Collector is a digit logging and display unit for telecommunications and test applications. It is ideal for troubleshooting signaling problems over phone line and trunks, or for verifying dialed numbers from premise equipment. The  52610 monitors DTMF and/or MF signaling. It provides a complete array of features for collecting, viewing, storing and retrieving dialed telephone numbers. An LCD shows real-time call activity, displaying the two most recently called numbers and their call times. A scrollback feature allows viewing of previous call records. The unit's flexible feature list is menu driven, allowing easy selection of features. Control buttons on the unit's faceplate enable selection and programming of the specific features. Up to 350 call records can be output to a printer, PC or modem connection via an RS-232 port.

For 9-1-1 applications a 9-1-1 trunk emulator is also available.

Click here for more information on the trunk emulator.

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How It Works

52610 Schematic

Call Collector can be used to troubleshoot DTMF and MF signaling problems in phone lines, interoffice trunks, 911 applications, and for verifying dialed numbers from telephone equipment. The battery-operated unit allows unattended call logging operation, capturing dialed numbers and storing them in memory as organized records with time stamps. An AC adapter is provided for extended operation via any standard 115 VAC wall outlet. Call records can be output to a PC or printer in real time, or queried later for downloading. There are two different LCD modes to choose from: 1) viewing the called numbers and associated time stamp, or, 2) viewing just the numbers themselves, displayed in a continuous string. A speaker enables monitoring of all audio activity on the telephone line, including dial tones, busy signals and even the caller's voice. Push-button controls on the faceplate allow programming of these feature sets:

  • DTMF/MF Selection
  • Display Modes
  • Call Records Download and Clearing
  • Speaker Volume
  • Clock Date & Time Setting

Test leads, equipped with alligator clips and an RJ11 modular plug, allow easy connection of the units' modular test port to the telephone terminal points or bare wire tip and ring. An external modem can be connected to the RS-232 communications port for PC access from a remote site.

Typical Applications

52600 Application

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Key Benefits

    Ideal for troubleshooting problems involving:
    - Interoffice signaling
    - TSPS
    - CAMA
    - Feature Group D
    - Local Loops
    - Inside circuits
    - PBXs
    - Telephone sets
    - FAX
    - Voice Mail
    - 911 Systems
    Automatically detects, reports and stores
    dialed DTMF and MF numbers
    Displays numbers instantly
    Stores numbers for scroll-back review
    Outputs numbers via RS-232 port
    for printer, PC, or modem hookup
    Allows remote access
    Memory holds 350 call records
    Speaker provides audio monitoring

Model 52600 & 52610 Specifications

    • 52610: DTMF/MFR1
    • Battery: 9 VDC Alkaline
    • AC Adapter: 12 VDC (Center pin positive)
    • LCD: 24 x 2 Characters
    • RS-232 Serial Interface to PC and/or printer, or modem
    • RJ11 Modular Jack
    • Call Records: 350
    • Operating Temperature:  0 to 40C (32 to 104F)
    • Storage Temperature:  -0 to 85C (32 to 185F)
    • Humidity: 0% to 95% (Non-Condensing)
    • Dimen: 7.8" (19.81cm) W x 1.5" (3.81cm) H
      x 4.0" (10.16cm) D
    • Wt: 2 lbs, 3 oz (0.99 kg) 
  • 9-1-1 Accessories:



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