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Surplus Lab Equipment

This equipment was pulled from service and is a mix of manufacturers including the following:

HP Lambda Heath PMC Lear Siegler
Schlimberger Tellabs Phillips Phillips Atlantic Research
Hambeg Tektronix Wavetek BK Precision Wiltron
Wilcom Fluke T-Berd Sage Wescom

Power Supplies

Most of these are variable DC power supplies with a voltage range from 0 to 60 Volts.  There are a few specialty high voltage DC supplies in the kilo-volt range.  Also available are some fixed voltage DC supplies (48VDC) and several telephony ringing generators.


Included are dual trace oscilloscopes from 15 MHz to 100MHz with and without digital storage capability.

Oscillators & Frequency Counters

This equipment was used for the development and production of telephony products.  There are both general purpose oscillators as well as programmable oscillators.  There are a few frequency counters that can also measure intervals.


In addition to general purpose multi-meters there are transmission noise and return loss test sets, protocol analyzers, and a milliohm meter for troubleshooting shorted circuits.

Communication and Transmission

There is a wide range of equipment for telephony development.  Including artificial lines, programmable frequency synthesizers and frequency selective voltmeters.


Here you will find Hypot testers,  programmable pulse generators, production EPROM programmers and much more.



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Dial-Up Test Set (51200-S)

Dial-Up Test Set (51200F23)

Leased Line Test Set

PBX Test Set

Call Collector



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